Technical Details
Technical Details
Technical Details
Technical Details

Gli oscillatori meccanici unidirezionali serie VU sono stati progettati per l’utilizzo su macchine vibranti di medie e grandi dimensioni presenti in numerosi processi industriali. Le scelte effettuate in sede progettuale hanno consentito un forte contenimento della rumorosità ed una maggior durata degli organi meccanici, cuscinetti e ingranaggi, condizioni essenziali per un funzionamento affidabile nel tempo.

no EX certification

Driving system

The movement is transmitted by an external driving system coupled with the driving shaft by means of a joint, generally a Cardan joint (recommended). The external driving system can be an electric motor, a hydraulic motor or other motor type, directly coupled or by belts and pulleys.

Confomity to European Directives

In the application field of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the VU linear motion exciters can be considered as “partly completed machinery”.


Vu linear motion exciters are composed by a casing (central body) that, by means of 4 bearings supports two shafts, synchronized by two helicoidal ground gears. The eccentric weights are mounted at the end of both shafts, rotating synchronized in opposite sense, determining a resulting unidirectional centrifugal force perpendicular to the mounting surface of the exciter.

Centrifugal Force

Up to 453kN.

Ambient temperature

From -40°C to +70°C.

Exciter mounting position

VU exciters can be mounted in all positions, always with the shafts in horizontal position.