Technical Details
Technical Details
Technical Details
Technical Details

The VU series linear motion exciters manufactured by italvibrasusa have been designed for medium and large size vibrating machines operating in many industrial processes. The state of the art design and components selected, offer best performance, low operating noise, resulting in a longer lifetime for bearings and gears. Model VU exciters can be mounted in line (connected through cardan shafts), in order to achieve higher centrifugal forces.

no EX certification

Driving system

The movement is transmitted by an external driving system coupled with the driving shaft by means of a joint, generally a Cardan joint (recommended). The external driving system can be an electric motor, a hydraulic motor or other motor type, directly coupled or by belts and pulleys.

Confomity to European Directives

In the application field of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the VU linear motion exciters can be considered as “partly completed


Vu linear motion exciters are composed by a casing (central body) that, by means of 4 bearings supports two shafts, synchronized by two helicoidal ground gears. The eccentric weights are mounted at the end of both shafts, rotating synchronized in opposite sense, determining a resulting unidirectional centrifugal force perpendicular to the mounting surface of the exciter.

Centrifugal Force

Up to 453kN.

Ambient temperature

From -104°F to +158°F.

Exciter mounting position

VU exciters can be mounted in all positions, always with the shafts in horizontal position.